Notice: Forms now comply with Chapter 605, F.S., filing requirements.

Florida Limited Liability Company or LLC Forms

***Do not use for corporations. Corporations are not Limited Liability Companies or LLC's.***

Note: Please make ALL checks payable to the Florida Department of State

Shown below are forms to assist you in filing with the Division of Corporations.  You have two choices: print out the selected form, then prepare it;  or fill-in the form online, then print it out.  MAIL your completed form with the appropriate fee to the Division of Corporations for processing and filing.

REMINDER: All information you enter on a document submitted to the Division of Corporations will be available on our "public record" web site at

  1. Articles of Organization
  2. Amendment
  3. Statement of Registered Agent/Registered Office Change
  4. Resignation of a Registered Agent
  5. Resignation or Dissociation of Member or Manager
  6. Dissolution
  7. Notice of Dissolution
  8. Revocation of Dissolution
  9. Domestication
  10. Interest Exchange
  11. *LLC Reinstatement*(Blank form)
  12. Abandonments:

  13. Abandon Merger
  14. Abandon Conversion
  15. Abandon Interest Exchange
  16. Abandon Domestication
  17. Conversions:

  18. Florida LLC into Florida Profit Corporation
  19. Florida LLC into "Other Business Entity"
  20. "Other Business Entity" into Florida LLC
  21. Mergers:

  22. Certificate of Merger for Florida LLC (605,F.S.)
  23. Statements:

  24. Statement of Withdrawal
  25. Statement of Denial
  26. Statement of Termination
  27. Statement of Authority
  28. Amend or Cancel Statement of Authority
  29. Statement of Correction
  30. Booklets:

  31. Florida Limited Liability Company Act (Chapter 605, F.S.)

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