Florida Limited Partnership Forms

Note: Please make ALL checks payable to the Florida Department of State

Shown below are forms to assist you in filing with the Division of Corporations.  You have two choices: print out the selected form, then prepare it;  or fill-in the form online, then print it out.  MAIL your completed form with the appropriate fee to the Division of Corporations for processing and filing.

REMINDER: All information you enter on a document submitted to the Division of Corporations will be available on our "public record" web site at www.sunbiz.org.

  1. Certificate of Limited Partnership
  2. Amendment
  3. Certificate of Dissolution w/Notice of Dissolution (s.620.1801,F.S.)
  4. Notice of Dissolution (s.620.1807,F.S.)
  5. Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Address
  6. Resignation of Registered Agent
  7. *LP Annual Report*
  8. *LP Reinstatement*(Blank form)
  9. *LP Reinstatement*
  10. Statement of Termination for Florida LP or LLLP
  11. Certificate of Revocation of Dissolution for Florida LP or LLLP
  12. Statement of Dissociation for General Partner of LP or LLLP
  13. Statement of Correction for Florida or Foreign LP or LLLP
  14. Conversions:

  15. Florida LP or LLLP into "Other Organization"
  16. "Other Organization" into Florida LP or LLLP
  17. Mergers:

  18. Certificate of Merger for Florida LP or LLLP (s.620.2108,F.S.)

*If you are using version 3.0 of the Adobe Acrobat reader, you may need to check the "Shrink to Fit" box in the print dialogue window, when printing these forms.